10 Boot Organizer Hanger Clips and Clip Hooks for Hanging Clothes Laundry Clothing Rack Dryer Set

-71% 10 Boot Organizer Hanger Clips and Clip Hooks for Hanging Clothes Laundry Clothing Rack Dryer Set
Hanging your clothing up helps to keep it free of wrinkles and looking its best, so that you can spare the hassles of having to haul out the iron to look polished and well dressed for any occasion. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to find a spot to hang your clothing. You can't have knobs and hooks installed in every room of your home, and when you're traveling, there never seems to be a convenient place to hang anything, does there? That's why you can't afford to be without the Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Portable Travel Laundry Hooks, as these clothing hooks let you hang up anything, virtually anywhere! With Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Portable Travel Laundry Hooks, you can turn a door knob, a shower rod, a drawer handle and many other things into a place to hold hanging clothing and accessories. The sturdy hooks can be hung on a rod up to 1 inch in diameter, opening up the door to hanging clothing in new places in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, laundry room or hallway. At just 3 inches in size, the hooks fit easily into a travel bag for use in hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, RVs and even in tents when you're camping. Using the hooks is incredibly easy. Just squeeze the top of the clip to open the mouth up to create an extra wide 13" by 16" opening. Slide your clothing in and release! The eight matching ribs on the clip grip all types of fabric with ease, and because the clip is coated with nylon padding, the clip catches without leaving behind a single crease. Unlike plastic clothespin hooks, our metal hanging hooks are built to last. We use heavy-duty double nickel plated steel for their construction, making them stronger and far more durable than those other hooks that bend and break. See for yourself how easy it can be to keep your clothes and accessories damage and wrinkle free. Order the Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Portable Travel Laundry Hooks and get 10 of the best quality clothing hanger hooks on Amazon!
  • KEEP CLOTHING & ACCESSORIES AT THE READY ANYWHERE Use in your closet, in the bathroom, in an entryway or even in the kitchen. Hang clothes out to dry or organize them in the laundry room. Pack them in your suitcase or bag to use when you're traveling in a motel, hotel or even a tent! Perfect travel set replacement for clothespin, boot clip, boot hanger, hanging hooks, clothes hanger, hanging clothes pin, drying rack, hanging clips, or a clothes drying clothes pin.
  • ULTRA STRONG Heavy-duty, double plated nickel steel clips with integrated hooks can hang up anything with ease for storage or drying. Perfect for hanging everything from the heaviest adult sized coat or pair of jeans to baby diapers; store belts and scarves in the closet, hat collections, swimsuits, bridal wear. Strong enough for one clip to hold a pair of your heaviest set of boots. Keep a set handy near the laundry clothesline for hanging extra heavy beach towels and bed sheets.
  • THE DURABLE, CONVENIENT SOLUTION Plastic clip hooks break after just a few uses and are hard to open and close. Our quality hooks offer a 13/16" opening for ease of use and strong enough to truly stand the test of time. A space saving alternative to an expensive bulky floor stand dryer. Build your own clothes rack or shoe rack with these innovative clip hooks. Your imagination is unlimited for the multi uses of these versatile hooks in your home.
  • NO MORE MARKS! Unlike wire or wooden clothespins, these clothing clamps won't leave impressions on your delicate clothing, as the metal teeth are covered with nylon padding for a non-slip grip. Polished chrome hook loops leave no marks or scratches on any shower curtain rod or door. Convenient damage free solution for boot storage of expensive dress shoes, cowboy boots, suede boots, leather footwear, rubber boots, and even vinyl fetish wear.
  • A MONEY-SAVING SET Get a total of 10, 3-inch hook clips, which will fit on any hanging hook or a rod that measures up to 1" in diameter. Multi purpose hangers can be used on wire shelving, tool rack, other hook racks. Handy for holding tools or rags while working on a ladder. Used by chefs to replace a towel holder in the kitchen or hold a trash bag off the floor when cleaning. Useful in the car to hook over the rear view mirror to display a parking pass.

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